IELTS Marshalls

Only a week left before your IELTS test? Do this.

It’s only a few days left before your test, and you haven’t started studying. What should you do with your limited time?

1. Learn the format of the test.

Here’s a link to the exact format, including how many minutes each section takes.

2. Take at least 1 practice test.

It’s important that you take authentic practice exams that are created by official IELTS organizations, like the British Council, IDP, and Cambridge English. The questions on these tests will most closely resemble the actual test and will best prepare you for your upcoming IELTS exam.

Here’s the link to find full IELTS tests online:

And remember, the Academic and General tests have slight differences, so make sure you take the right practice test!

3. Retake the SAME practice test.

You’ve just finished your practice test. You’ve made the corrections and understand why you’ve made those mistakes. 

Now…take the test AGAIN! 

Hopefully this time, you’ll make far fewer mistakes and get even more familiar with the format of the test.

In our experience, this exercise increases our students’ confidence and really helps them correct their big mistakes quickly.

4. Practice a speaking test with a native speaker.

One of the most unnerving parts of the IELTS is sitting face-to-face with a real, native speaker during the speaking test.

That’s why we suggest you find a native English speaker to practice a speaking test with. 

You can always opt-in here, on the website, to speak to one of us if you’d like!

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