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Must-know information about Writing Task 1 (Academic)

This post is for people taking the Academic IELTS Test!

For Writing Task 1, you may see a diagram that looks like this:

I like to call this a “process diagram,” because it illustrates the process of something – in this case, the process of making paper. 

If you get a process diagram on the exam, you will need to write four paragraphs about it. 

  • Paragraph #1: Introduction
  • Paragraph #2: Overview paragraph 
  • Paragraph #3: Main body paragraph 1
  • Paragraph #4: Main body paragraph 2

For Paragraph #2, the Overview paragraph, you will need to write two general observations about the diagram. 

What kinds of general observations can you talk about in this paragraph?

  1. The number of steps in the process
  2. Where the process starts and where it ends

In this case: 

  1. There are five steps in the diagram.
  2. It starts by mixing paper with materials, and it ends with the substance needed for paper-making.

Remember in the overview paragraph, you want to keep things general. Don’t list the exact names of materials, ingredients, equipment or stages.

Here’s my overview paragraph for this process diagram:

“It is clear that there are five main steps in the paper-making process. The whole process starts by mixing recycled paper with a few materials and ends with a substance ready for paper-making.”

Side note: Make sure you start your overview paragraph with “It is clear that.” In this way, the examiner will know this is your overview paragraph. 

Now it’s your turn! Write your overview paragraph for this process diagram! Remember: 1) say the number of steps and 2) talk about how the process begins and ends. 

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