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Ideas you can use for Writing Task 2

For your Task 2 essay, you might be asked to give solutions to a problem. 

Here’s an example:

Despite the environmental concerns raised by scientists, people are not changing their lifestyle. Why so? What should be done to encourage people to save the environment? 

Here, they are asking you for solutions; they want to know how you would solve environmental issues.

Now some people would have a hard time coming up with clear, easy solutions to environmental problems.

Remember: the solution doesn’t have to be super effective and comprehensive. It has to be CLEAR and SIMPLE. 

Here are some clear, simple solutions you can use for this topic and any topic:

  1. “Awareness” solutions:
  • Host community workshops
  • Host an orientation
  • Organize training sessions
  • Post flyers in public places
  • Start a social media campaign

For example, for the topic above, you can say:

  1. Environmental organizations can host workshops about climate change and pollution.
  2. Famous people on Instagram can start a social media campaign.
  1. “Activism” solutions:
  • Start protests 
  • Organize a rally
  • Write letters to lawmakers

For example, for the topic above, you can say:

  1. Experts can organize climate change rallies in big cities.
  2. Community members can write letters to their congressmen.
  1. “Punishment” solutions:
  • Fine people for doing something wrong
  • Put a tax on something
  • Implement a new law

For example, in the topic above, you can say:

  1. The government should put a higher tax on gasoline.
  2. People should be fined for littering. 

Now, remember: your solutions don’t have to be effective or plausible. They have to be simple, so that you can explain them clearly.

For example, fining people for littering may not be plausible, but it’s clear and easy to write about. Hosting community workshops may not be super effective, but it’s clear and easy to write about. 

Again, you can use “awareness,” “activism,” and “punishment” solutions for any topic. Use some of the ideas above for the following essay:

Plagiarism in academics has become a pressing problem in many countries today.

What are the causes of this problem? What are some possible solutions?


Teachers can host an orientation to talk about plagiarism. 

Comment your simple and easy solutions below!

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