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“How many solutions should I come up with for a Problem + Solution essay?” (Plus, a sample essay!)

People ask us this question all the time, “How many solutions should I come up with for a Problem + Solution essay?”

This all depends on the question – does the question say “solution” or “solutions” (with an ‘s’)?

Make sure that if they ask for “solutions”, you have at least 2!

Let’s look at this high-scoring sample essay that beautifully gives two solutions to a problem.

Essay topic: In some places, young people find it difficult to communicate with older people. Why is this? What are the solutions?

In some situations, young people have trouble communicating with the older generation. The reason for this is that young people have poor communication skills, which is why schools should offer conversation classes and trips to nursing homes.

These days, many teenagers do not have a lot of practice with face-to-face conversations making it difficult to carry on a conversation with older people. Most teenagers prefer Snapchat messaging and the iMessage app to chat with friends and even teachers. Older people are not familiar with these applications and prefer traditional conversations. For example, my eight-year-old cousin can barely carry on a short conversation during the Christmas holiday and spends most of her time on her phone. It is obvious that her poor communication skills are the reason she is awkward around older family members, like her grandparents.

Because many young people lack communication skills, schools should enact communication classes and mandatory trips to senior centers. In these conversation classes, they can learn how to engage in small talk, talk about current events, and maintain eye contact. They can use what they learn and visit local nursing homes to get real-life conversation practice. For example, when Girl Scouts from Branchburg, New Jersey visited the Arborside nursing home, they gained a lot of experience talking to senior citizens. As a result, these same girls transformed into better communicators with all people, including older family members and neighbors.

It is clear that young people have trouble conversing with older people due to a lack of social skills, which is why schools should create communication classes and organize field trips to local senior centers.


What is the most difficult type of essay for you to write? Is it a Problem + Solution essay? An Advantages + Disadvantages one? Let us know below!

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