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Go from a 6 to a 7 in writing with this one tip

Keep your writing simple.

Simple sentences are the best sentences.

A lot of students ask me how to write complicated or complex sentences; this is the wrong strategy.

Here’s how to keep it simple:

Make sure each sentence only has one or two details.

Sometimes, people feel tempted to pack each sentence with a lot of details. This is a bad strategy. 

Here’s a bad example:

Robots can help doctors perform surgeries and diagnose illnesses, which can help keep people healthy, and in turn, these people can be better workers in society. 

There are way too many details in this sentence. 

You have to sacrifice some details for easy-to-read sentences.

Your number one priority is to make your sentences easy to read. 

Remember, the examiners don’t need to know everything you think about the topic. The quality of each sentence is way more important.  

Here’s a corrected example:

Robots can help doctors perform surgeries and diagnose illnesses.

By getting rid of some details, this sentence has become much easier to read. 

Some students say:

But what if I need a lot of details to explain my idea?

Then your idea is not simple enough. 

Sometimes, it helps to choose really “easy,” obvious ideas. 

For example: What can people do to save the environment?

Easy, obvious ideas: 

  1. People can recycle.
  2. People can plant more trees.
  3. People can take public transportation.
  4. People can ride their bicycles.

These are all really obvious, simple ideas that are immediately understandable. 

No long explanations are needed.

To summarize:

  1. Keep your sentences simple and easy-to-read.
  2. Choose easy and obvious ideas for your essay.

What is your best IELTS Writing tip? Write your advice below in the comments!

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