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5 IELTS Tips to get you a 7.5 in Reading

1. Read the first question FIRST.

Before you read one word of the passage, go straight to the questions and read the first question. AFTER you can start to read a little bit. Answer that first question by reading the first few sentences of the passage (where you’ll probably find the first answer!).

2. Answer one question at a time.

After you find the answer to Question 1, read the second question, and then look for the answer to that question in the passage. Then, read Question 3, find the answer, and then read Question 4 and find the answer.

You’ll never read the whole passage altogether without answering questions.

3. The answers are in order. (*Most of the time!)

The answers to the questions aren’t in any random place in the passage. In fact, you’ll see the answer to Question 1 first, and normally right away. Next, the answer to Question 2 is after the first answer – maybe later in that same paragraph or in the beginning of the next paragraph. 

4. Never skim! Read at your regular pace!

Do not skim the passage, or you won’t understand it. You’ll never be able to find the right answers if you don’t read the passage normally. By the time you finish the section of the Reading Test, you will have read the entire passage, and well

5. Study before your IELTS test using authentic reading tests as practice tools!

As you’re studying, it’s tempting to take IELTS reading tests that you find online from random websites. However, many times, these reading tests are easier than the real IELTS test, leaving you unprepared on test day.

Here, you’ll find free, authentic IELTS reading tests online to practice with.

Academic Reading 

General Reading

*If you’re taking the Academic test, practice taking Academic Reading tests, which should be slightly harder!

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