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For the past ten years, we’ve helped our students get 7s, 8s, and 9s on all sections of the IELTS Exam. We offer private classes, courses, workshops, and more. With our IELTS advice, you can move to Canada this year, study in the best universities around the world, and get your dream job.

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With our IELTS advice, our students have become nurses, physiotherapists, lawyers, and pharmacists in countries all over the world.

Our Writing Guide includes:

  • 3 powerful strategies, like the 4-paragraph formula, that will improve your writing score TODAY
  • 10 study tips that will transform you into a 7+ writer – even if you only have a few weeks before your test!
  • 1 sample essay that will give you the exact structure to write your own 7+ essay
  • 50 essay topics that have recently shown up on the real IELTS exam

IELTS Marshalls Success Stories

I've always been a proficient English user. However, without the IELTS Marshalls' help, there's no way I would have scored a band 8.5 on my IELTS on the first attempt! I would highly recommend IELTS Marshalls for anyone looking to score well on their IELTS!



Hi Marshalls, just wanted to let you know that my results came back! They are good!! Listening 8.5, Reading 7.5, Writing 7.5, and Speaking 8. Thank you so much for helping me; your contribution to these scores is huge!



Dear Marshalls, I got my results! Overall 8! Listening 9, Reading 7.5, Writing 8, and Speaking 8. I'm super happy!!! Thank you again for your input!



I scored an 8 in Writing! UNBELIEVABLE!!!



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